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Listen to the following conversation to improve your English. To view the transcript of each conversation or schedule a private English lesson on Skype, visit my website at http://worldenglishteacher.com.

Jake, a dog, is sick and needs to go to the veterinarian (vet). One person holds him, while the other drives the car.

A: So when did Jake start throwing up?

B: He's been throwing up every day this week. Poor thing.

A: At first, I just thought he ate some bad food, but if he's been throwing up every day, he's probably sick.

B: Yeah, I think he might have worms.

A: Hopefully not.

B: Well, he needs to get his shots anyway.

A: Do you have insurance?

B: No, it's not worth it. I only come to the vet like twice a year.

A: Ah, ok. So which street do I turn on?

B: 5th. Thanks for driving, by the way. I have to hold Jake whenever he's in the car, or else he'll get scared.

A: No problem.

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