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Listen to the following conversation to improve your English. To view the transcript of each conversation or schedule a private English lesson on Skype, visit my website at http://worldenglishteacher.com.

E-mail Lingo”

Cody helps Elaine with her e-mail account.

Elaine: Just let me check my e-mail real quick.

Cody: Alright, no problem.

Elaine: Look. What's this mean?

Cody: It says your inbox is full. So it won't let you receive any new e-mails.

Elaine: Then I need to delete some messages to make room.

Cody: Yeah. Why don't you delete everything in your junk mail folder first.

Elaine: It should be fine now. I deleted a few e-mails with really big attachments that were taking up a lot of space.

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