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Cody stayed late at work and his wife, Elaine, was still awake when he returned home.

Cody: Hey. Why are you still up?

Elaine: I couldn't sleep, so I decided to read for a little bit.

Cody: Is everything alright? Were you worried about something?

Elaine: Well, not really. I don't know.

Cody: Do you wanna talk about it? Remember, we said that we wanted to tell each other everything and be honest.

Elaine: It's not a big deal. I'm sure she'll be fine.

Cody: Who?

Elaine: My sister called and said that our aunt is having surgery tomorrow. So I was just worried about her.

Cody: What's wrong?

Elaine: I'm not sure exactly. She said it wasn't anything major.

Cody: I'm sure she'll be fine. Let's go get some sleep and tomorrow we'll call and see how it went.


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