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Listen to the following conversation to improve your English. To view the transcript of each conversation or schedule a private English lesson on Skype, visit my website at http://worldenglishteacher.com.

Two friends talk about cell phones.

A: Hey, look at my new cell phone.

B: Where'd you get it?

A: I got it at the mall. It was free with my new plan.

B: So what stuff can it do?

A: It has text messages, voice-mail, Internet and instant messenger too. I think you can even watch TV on it.

B: Cool. What about music? Can you use it like an mp3 player?

A: Umm... I think so. Let me look... Yeah, it has a USB card to hold the mp3s.

B: I think I may need to go get one too. How long of a contract do you have to sign?

A: Just a year, I think.

B: That's not too bad.

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