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Listen to the following conversation to improve your English. To view the transcript of each conversation or schedule a private English lesson on Skype, visit my website at http://worldenglishteacher.com.

Two friends are at the grocery store to buy food for a picnic the next day.

A: So, what do we need to get, again?

B: Just a few things for the picnic tomorrow. Like paper plates, bread, lunch meat, chips. Stuff like that.

A: What about soda?

B: That too. I'm trying to remember what kind they wanted.

A: Let's just get Coke or Pepsi, and maybe some Sprite too. Everyone likes those.

B: Sounds good. Let's split up, so we get everything faster.

A: I'll get the bread and sodas. You can get the other stuff.

B: Alright. Let's meet at register 3.

A: Ok. See you in a minute.

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