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Listen to the following conversation to improve your English. To view the transcript of each conversation or schedule a private English lesson on Skype, visit my website at http://worldenglishteacher.com.

Two friends are in line at the post office and are losing their patience cause the line's moving slowly.

A: We've been waiting in line for like 20 minutes.

B: No, it's been like an hour.

A: No way. You always exaggerate. It does feel like way more than 20 minutes, though, cause the line's moving so slow. Probably cause there's only two people here.

B: I bet they have more than just two people here. They're probably just taking breaks or goofing off somewhere.

A: Finally, the line's starting to move.

B: Hey, I didn't know you get passports at the post office. I just saw a sign for it.

A: Yeah, I got mine here last year.

B: Cool. I still need to get mine. I haven't ever been out of the country, so I haven't needed one.

A: But you're going to Europe this summer, right?

B: Yeah, so I should probably get mine soon.

A: You should. It might take a while for them to send it too you.

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